Carpet Spots – What they are and how to get rid of them for good!

Why do those carpet spots keep coming back? I’ve cleaned it over and over!

Whether this issue is at home or in an office or business, cleaning the same spot relentlessly is frustrating! Here’s a simple tip to prevent those pesky carpet spots from returning.

Switch from using liquid carpet spotter to foam carpet spotter.

The reason:

Liquid carpet spotters easily go to the bottom of the carpet backing where they ‘wick up’ the carpet fibers leaving a residue that slowly collects dirt from traffic and vacuuming. Foam spotters tend to stay on the surface where they can be wiped and vacuumed away along with the dirt.

For those nagging problem areas, try adding a little white distilled vinegar to a spray bottle of water (just enough to feel a little change in ph when you rub your fingers together).

This will lower the ph of the carpet spotter and reduce the ‘dirt magnet’ effect.

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About the Author
Kerry Moutray

Kerry is the owner of Pleasant Janitorial, Inc., a cleaning services company out of Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado. With more than 30 years of janitorial experience, it is safe to say that Kerry has seen it all when it comes to commercial cleaning.

If you’d like to see that experience and dedication applied to your buildings, give him a call. He’ll tell it like it is. Kerry ensures that your business will enjoy the high quality service that Pleasant Janitorial stands for.

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