Finding a Good Cleaning Service Doesn’t Have to Be Impossible

Have you been burned by your commercial cleaning service before?

“Our last cleaning company looked and sounded so good when we chose them, but…”

“A few weeks after their service began we noticed that things were not looking so well, some big things, lots of small things. Personal items were missing from desks, and food and even condiments were missing from the refrigerator and break room.

We called about the problem and the person we talked with was very nice but nothing changed. A different staff appeared occasionally and things would improve for awhile, then the same problems would start all over again!  This wasn’t the picture the company presented.  They were so professional, so helpful, and we loved the great looking brochures!  Their assurances and guarantees sounded great too.”

“By the time the service contract was about to expire, we couldn’t wait to replace them.”

“It looked as though the cleaning crew had lost all interest in doing even a barely acceptable job. We thought about ending the contract early but what a hassle THAT would be!

Sound familiar?

That friendly, sharply dressed salesperson with the slick brochures likely never set foot again in your building. The reality of cleaning comes down to WHO is in your building and what they ARE, or ARE NOT, doing in it.

As one astute facility manager once said “Yes, I like Joe (the salesman), but Joe is not his crew. We’ll see what happens after they arrive.”

So is getting a great cleaning service the ‘Luck of the draw’?

What can help you better your odds of success?

First, ask for and call their company references.  A woman who did this was shocked at the negative feedback she heard about a company who “looked so good”.

Second, does the company provide an easy exit if you are not satisfied?  A 30 days written notice of discontinuation is a good safeguard for both parties involved.

Also, is the contract or working agreement simple and fair, or is it designed to scare you into staying with intimidating legalese?

Third, Ask about their staff and hiring practices. How are they trained and supervised?

These are great upfront questions to cover before you ‘sign on the dotted line.’

Great service companies want their customers to be happy.

With a little due diligence, finding your next great cleaning company can be accomplished.  It might even be a Pleasure!

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About the Author
Kerry Moutray

Kerry is the owner of Pleasant Janitorial, Inc., a cleaning services company out of Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado. With more than 30 years of janitorial experience, it is safe to say that Kerry has seen it all when it comes to commercial cleaning.

If you’d like to see that experience and dedication applied to your buildings, give him a call. He’ll tell it like it is. Kerry ensures that your business will enjoy the high quality service that Pleasant Janitorial stands for.

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